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Thread: Bootvis Alternative for Vista

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    Bootvis Alternative for Vista

    Hello everyone,

    We all know that Vista need hell time time to starts before it become workable So I would like to know which applications takes such long time to start and I require an application that is capable of monitoring the startup-process. I know one such application Bootvis, but i believe it is too buggy and I don't want to risk screwing up my installation.So, does anyone know a free alternative for bootvista

    thanks for any suggestions..!!

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    Re: Bootvis Alternative for Vista

    I can tell one application that you could use,It is wincfg, and check out whats loading can be that will need some light on it.Also hibernate could be a slow boot as well,It mainly depends how much ram and the size of your page file.

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    Re: Bootvis Alternative for Vista

    I should say you better hibernate your computer so that it don't want damn start up time.I guess there is no bootvis for vista and supposedly since it already has this functionality built in.

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    Re: Bootvis Alternative for Vista

    You may control your start up programs there by enhance the speed click on the start button and type in the search box "msconfig" then hit enter then click the start up tab from here you can see all the processes that run on start up, un mark ones u don't want to speed up your system, be careful not to stop any system processes.i am not familiar with the applications so this might not be as good but i would try...

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    Re: Bootvis Alternative for Vista

    I would recommened you to use Bootvis as it is not buggy then the Operating System itself. Also tweaking the Operating System will give you problems later on. I hope this helps...

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