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Thread: What is VSO devices?

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    What is VSO devices?

    Hello, I haven't recently made any changes in my system, then from don't why the VSO devices and Patin Couffin engine entries has automatically come in my device manager, i just noticed it now only. Previously this entries were not present in device manager. Any info about this devices? something to worry?

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    Re: What is VSO devices?

    VSO device (Variable Speed Overdrive)is the burn engine used by certain software from VSO. Have you installed Blindwrite Suite? This provides a VSO Devices entry in Device Manager and installs a Patin Couffin driver as well.

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    Re: What is VSO devices?

    Have you installed the VSO Inspector ? If you don't need it, remove it. Click Start -> Programs -> VSO -> Drivers and click on Remove, then reboot your computer.

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    Re: What is VSO devices?

    See this thread : , Patin Couffin engine is normally related to CD writing programs. Do you have DVDxCopy installed on your computer? Patin-Couffin access layer is required device I/O interface for various application, such as DVD43. VSO is a french company that makes a cd/dvd low level engine named patin-couffin.

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