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Thread: Synaptics touchpad driver for Vista

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    Synaptics touchpad driver for Vista

    Hey Guys,

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate on my Toshiba Satellite a100 which i have upgraded recently. Now want to download a driver for Synaptics touchpad. I tried the generic drivers from Synaptics' website, but it gives fatal erros at any moment of installation.I tried the Windows XP-compatible drivers, and they work perfectly, except the fact that I cannot configure enhanced features such as virtual scrolling and tap zones. whenever I click on The Settings button it is reluctant to response..what is the cause of this scenario??

    any thoughts and ideas really appreciated..

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    Re: Synaptics touchpad driver for Vista

    You can possibly obtain the Generic Touchpad driver and related enhancements software from Synaptics is here: should be able to do can possibly make your settings by your own.If you still facing difficulties you describe in more detail what happens when you try to install the drivers designed to work with Vista, someone would be able to help further.

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    Re: Synaptics touchpad driver for Vista

    All right you have upgraded to vista on your laptop.Now you just need to update the drivers in order to make your notebook perfect. From what I have seen, your laptop is Vista compatible not Vista ready and these drivers should be installed (as per Tohiba). You get the drivers . Be sure you follow them in order from the list I posted above or you may get errors when installing.I also hope you will or have increased your memory. Vista does not run well on anything less.

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