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Thread: Ps3 Controller Not Responding in Windows XP

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    Ps3 Controller Not Responding in Windows XP


    The Ps3 controller Seem to be installed. But it does not work, I am try to play emulated PS1 games , no button on the joystick respond to Pressing in windows Xp . I have never used game controllers on Pc , so Really Do not know how to Connect and configure them , please Help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Ps3 Controller Not Responding in Windows XP

    I have the same problem as you, and I realized it was because of Service Pack 1 of Vista, because it worked before and since I installed Service Pack 1 on Vista my joystick is detected ( I see "Game Controllers" in Control Panel) but no longer works, and the button no longer analogs. But I looked on the net, I found no solution.

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    Re: Ps3 Controller Not Responding in Windows XP

    Restoring the default settings has always fixed the problem for me. but i did not faced any problem when i connect it for the first time , all the buttons work, including analog sticks and L3 and R3(pushing the analog sticks down). When putting it in for the first time it might take some time to go on, it did with me but no problems after that

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    Re: Ps3 Controller Not Responding in Windows XP

    First, make sure you are running DirectX 7.0a or 8.0a, as versions 7.0 and 8.0 have DInput problems which were fixed in their 'a' counterparts. You can get the latest DirectX from If that doesn't fix your problem, delete the ePSXe Configuration registry entry under 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Epsxe\Config' using Microsoft RegEdit, if you find that too hard, I suggest a powerful, yet easy to use registry editor, RegCleaner. After deleting the entry, reconfigure your controller (and everything else =P) in ePSXe.

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