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Thread: How to Restore Active Directory in Windows 2000 ?

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    How to Restore Active Directory in Windows 2000 ?


    I have Windows 2000 installed in my system. Actually, I need to restore Active Directory in my windows server.
    I want to ask how can I restore active directory ?

    Can anybody please provide me the information regarding this......thanks

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    Re: How to Restore Active Directory in Windows 2000 ?

    There are 2 basic methods for restoring Active Directory :-

    Method I :- In this method, it involves reinstalling Windows 2000. Once Windows 2000 has been reinstalled as a domain controller, you can allow the other domain controllers to populate the Active Directory through the normal replication process. This method will keep the Active Directory in its current state.

    Method II :- In this method, it involves restoring Active Directory from the backup media. This method will restore the Active Directory to the state that it was in at the time of the last backup.

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    Re: How to Restore Active Directory in Windows 2000 ?

    Well, you can perform an Active Directory Restore for Windows by the folowing 2 ways -

    (i) Non-Authoritative Restore
    (ii) Authoritative Restore

    To get the detailed information and steps on how to perform Non-Authoritative Restore and Authoritative Restore, click on the following link below -


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    Re: How to Restore Active Directory in Windows 2000 ?

    To restore an Active Directory,

    First, reboot the server.
    A screen should appear asking which operating system you want to use, press the [F8] key.
    Now, you’ll see a boot menu that offers several choices.
    Select the Directory Service Restore Mode option and press [Enter].
    Windows 2000 will now boot in what appears to be the normal manner.

    Note - You are not allowed to log into the domain since Active Directory is not loaded. Therefore, login by using the local Administrator’s account. You are now free to use Backup to restore the System State Data. The easiest way to do this is to run the Restore Wizard from the Tools menu.

    After the restore process completes,
    Simply reboot your server in the normal manner. This will trigger the directory replication process and make Active Directory consistent across all of the domain controllers.

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