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Thread: This computer is in use and has been locked?

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    This computer is in use and has been locked?

    Hello friends,

    My Windows XP computer has become locked but displays the message always gets this message This computer is in use and has been locked. Only USER- 6321OM30GO\user2 or an administrator can unlock this computer" The user and password box are not clear and cursor not respond to any keystroke or mouse click but is blinking in the user field. i need to get my system do I unlock a computer.please give me necessary instructions?

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    Re: This computer is in use and has been locked?

    The easy method is pull down the to the PC.after turn the power back on. so that the computer will reboot into windows and ask you to log in as one of the valid users.or possibly it will bring you a generic log in screen, provide a valid user and password on this field.If you continue having password problems,try to reset the password.

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    Re: This computer is in use and has been locked?

    If you have some problems with log in can you just try to hold down the Ctrl-Alt-Delete to unlock the machine.after that you can enter user id and password in the log in information field of the last user that was logged on.when the information box for 'unlock computer' disappears,perform a Ctrl-Alt-Delete one more time and log on normally.

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    Re: This computer is in use and has been locked?

    When i had a this kind of login problem on my just removed the power cable and the battery,in order to turn off laptop itself.Replaced battery and turned it on again, and it powered up with an ordinary login and let me log in as me. So far so good.if it is not working you can hold <CTRL>+<ALT>+<DEL> and then enter the user name and password of any of the user accounts that have administrative rights.

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