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Thread: Inserting an index entry into index 0 of file 25

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    Inserting an index entry into index 0 of file 25

    I'm running Windows Xp as my operating system. Just few days back i had run CHKDSK on my boot drive for the first time. "CHKDSK is verifying indexes" took longer than usual and afterwards then i saw several lines that read: "Inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25", after which CHKDSK completed as usual. Afterwards Windows automatically got restarted and it appears to be running fine. So to avoid such problem on my system, i tried to installed my disk manufacturer's diagnostic on my pc. It showed me a reports stating that my disk has no problems. So can any body tell me that whether i will still get the above error message on my desktop screen? Or is my pc running absolutely fine? Kindly let me know your views on the above issue.

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    Re: Inserting an index entry into index 0 of file 25

    Hey after running chkdsk on your system, you should try to check out whether there are no bad sectors, or if you have a few already, make sure the number of bad sectors doesn't increase. For that you can try to run chkdsk /r and this will check the entire disk, rather than just the areas occupied by data. Takes a bit longer though. If you want you can view the results in Event Viewer.

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    Re: Inserting an index entry into index 0 of file 25

    I think you should try out the programs like HDTune and use the Health
    tab to see SMART readings, or SpeedFan and choose the SMART tab, then you need to click on the "Perform an in-depth analysis" button at the top. SpeedFan is quite good as you get some explanations of the values and you can ignore the critical part on your system.

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    Re: Inserting an index entry into index 0 of file 25

    According to me you need to backup all your data to a disk image, so that in future if your hard drive fails, then you can easily write the image to another drive and that would help you to retain all you data back on your system.

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