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Thread: How to install sharepoint services on Windows server 2008

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    How to install sharepoint services on Windows server 2008

    With the availability of public beta of version 3 of its new operating system for servers, Windows Server 2008, WSS V3 is now integrated into the system. We will see how to install Windows SharePoint Services V3 on Windows server 2008.

    Installing Windows Server 2008

    This installation is really simple which is why we will not see an explanation on the subject.

    Beware however, this is a Beta version and therefore as such it may be required to cause errors. It is therefore advisable not to use this system on a production server.

    Installing Windows SharePoint Services

    As for Windows Server 2003 where the service is a Web application to install (activate) on the server, Windows Server 2008 has a new role:

    • SharePoint Services

    Therefore to enable this new role, you must start the Server Manager:

    • Start> Administrative Tools> Server Manager

    Now you can see see a new interface that is an improvement on the existing tool from Windows 2000.

    This interface provides new headings and subheadings, including "Roles and Features" (a role may be more "features"). We go to the "Roles" to see how to install WSS.

    To install this role, click on "Add Roles" to choose among the possible roles natively. A tool is launched to help you with this installation.

    click on "Next" to choose to activate the role from the list of roles available.

    By checking the role of "Windows SharePoint Services, you see a list of" features "dependent with the notion of consolidation as always.

    You click on "Add Required Role Services to confirm the selection and you see the role that Web Server (IIS) was also activated.

    We must now validate this choice by clicking "Next". The tool now tells us that this installation of WSS will have to be configured (connection to the database, ...).

    You click on "Next" to go in the stage configuration.

    In our case, we will choose the mode "Stand Alone" which is the first choice if you want a farm, I advise you to look at the article on the installation mode:

    Also note that the 'Stand-Alone install a SQL Server internal engine, as you can read the article on this method of installation:
    • WSS V3 in Stand-Alone

    It selects the next language to be implemented on this server WSS. It is strongly advised to remain consistent in the server facilities (except in special cases such as SPS 2003 in French). We choose therefore the English language. Set the mail server and the addresses to use.

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    Re: How to install sharepoint services on Windows server 2008

    The next step explains that the role will also be installed IIS and we introduced this service.

    Now we see the components installed with the IIS role.

    Valid on clicking "Next" and a summary of our choice.

    The installation is launched.

    At the end of this installation, we have a balance sheet, we see also that we have an error in this installation of SharePoint.

    We must restart the server to the installation of WSS. This error did not impact the installation and we can see the central administration site.

    You can now create your web application.

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