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Thread: Cmd.exe crashes explorer

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    Cmd.exe crashes explorer


    I have windows xp on my computer. My problem is that, whenever I click start»run» Cmd or regedit, explorer crashes and restarts, then when it reloads my tray bar is missing several of its components. If I copy CMD.EXE to CMD2.EXE and then Start/Run CMD2 opens a dos window. Regedit and batch files work from this window. Why Cmd.exe crashes explorer ? Has anyone seen this or more importantly seen a scanner that will fix?

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    Re: Cmd.exe crashes explorer

    Try Registry Repair Wizard 2009. The startup organizer in this program is cool, it let me find all startup items easily and I am so surprised to see there are so many programs which will be started automatically in my system. After removing some un-useful items, my system now starts more quickly!

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    Re: Cmd.exe crashes explorer

    Cmd.exe crashes explorer because your registry might be corrupt. Try Free Window Registry Repair. enables you to scan your Windows registry to find and remove errors or invalid registry entries. You can choose to scan the entire registry or only specific areas by using the custom scan option. The program presents you with a list of suspected problems, allowing you to inspect the errors before fixing them.

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    Re: Cmd.exe crashes explorer

    Theres a good chance you have a bad prefetch file go to C:\windows\prefetch and delete the contents by enabling viewing of hidden and system files.You might get away with extracting the real Explorer.exe from your Windows CD/DVD and the trojan MIGHT not re-overwrite it. just try downloading once again internet explorer and then reinstalling it

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