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Thread: Windows XP Backup and System State

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    Windows XP Backup and System State

    Hey Folks,

    Am just curious,am using Windows Xp on my laptop.i was wondering that can i utilize the Windows Xp back up in order to boot from the floppy
    disk and restore my machine in to a working condition using a System State backup?

    any help would be really appreciated as always.!!

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    Re: Windows XP Backup and System State

    How can you think like answer is no.since if your computer is not in a state to boot up how can the back help you,but on the other hand it is possible to do a boot to windows and run backup and you can restore your computer in that way.There are lots way to backup right now and each uses different strategy

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    Re: Windows XP Backup and System State

    No brother you can't do it.but we have various options other that.
    one thing i am aware of is the Automated System Recovery Wizard.which allows you to restore the system disk ( C: -drive) including the Windows files,
    all Registry settings and all user programs / data, there by you can genuinely recover a completely frozen system.

    make use of the Backup in order to create the ASR Floppy Disk and the ASR backup-file,after that follow the instructions to complete the process.Once all other methods to start the XP system fail, you can use the ASR backup-file and floppy disk to return the system to the status as during the creation of the ASR backup.

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    Re: Windows XP Backup and System State

    Compared to System Restore which looks only a core set of allocated system and application file types.on the other hand the Backup Utility usually backs up all files like personal data which also give security to copy store either on the local disk or to another medium. System Restore does not monitor changes to or recover users' personal data files such as documents,
    drawings, e-mail, and so forth. restore points are available to restore to for only a limited period of time, backups taken by the Backup Utility can be recovered anytime from the system data contained in System Restore

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