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Thread: Dell Studio Laptop working extremely slow

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    Dell Studio Laptop working extremely slow

    I have Dell studio laptop. The laptop takes a very long time to boot up and it is working extremely slow. I have windows vista with c2d processor and 1GB of RAM. I had also installed Mcafee antivirus in the system. I laptop is not very old. Do I have to upgrade a ram for increasing the speed of the laptop. Normally in the task manager the cpu usage is shown around 100% sometimes. What to do to fix this issue. Thanks.

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    Re: Dell Studio Laptop working extremely slow

    If your laptop is under warranty then call the Dell customer care. They fix up the issue. Other see the task manager which file is running in the background and kill the process. Look for the file and the software associated to it. Remove it. Try a system restore process. The restore settings which set the default setting of your laptop.

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    Re: Dell Studio Laptop working extremely slow

    McAfee does not work properly in windows vista. The files of this antivirus will consume a high amount of ram and let your system to work slow. Remove the antivirus software from the laptop and checkout that the problem is solved or not. Otherwise there can be issue with your hardware.

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    Re: Dell Studio Laptop working extremely slow

    Check your cpu fan speed and temperature in the bios. Press Del or tab whatever key assigned to enter the bios. The go the proper topic and see the processor. If the processor temperature is high that means it heating up. You will need to call up a technician and show your laptop. Other wise just remove some newly installed software and see the result.

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