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Thread: Clear cmos jumper

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    Clear cmos jumper

    I am facing some issue when i am trying to start my computer i won't be able to start and at the same time i have also try to set clear cmos jumper, the computer still powers on normally only and it doesn't reset the BIOS. Can anyone tell me what should i do in this case. Thanks in Advance.

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    Reset the CMOS jumper

    For resetting your Cmos password you need to follow the below steps:-

    1. Switch off your Power supply.
    2. Now press the power button while the PSU is switched off.
    3. Set all CMOS Jumpers to Clear
    4. Then take out your battery and wait for sometime and start your machine now your CMOS password would have being reset.

    If this doesn't work then short your Motherboard and that will also reset your password too.

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    Clear cmos jumper

    Normally if you want to Clear your CMOS then remove the jumper from run position to the clear position and then return to the same run position. Make sure you don't attempt to run the computer with the jumper in the clear position or off completely. To locate the jumper you need to consult your Motherboard manual for the same.

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    Clear cmos jumper

    Don't worry if you don't have CMOS clear jumper then in that case you need to remove the CMOS battery for few minutes and then replace it, this would definitely clear your CMOS because i also don't have CMOS clear jumper on my motherboard.

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