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Thread: Windows 7 on pentium 4

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    Windows 7 on pentium 4

    i am having system with pentium 4 1.6ghz with 512mb ram i am interested to install windows 7 on this pc but i have doubt about its working can any one tell me is windows 7 would be able to support my system ? please reply .
    thank you .

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    Re: Windows 7 on pentium 4

    For your Pentium 4 pc there is no issue of support with windows 7 the problem can be about performance as you are having low memory ram than minimum requirement so just check this minimum requirement else windows 7 work fine

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    Re: Windows 7 on pentium 4

    I think you need some boost ok then just check here if Pentium 3 can work with windows 7 then there is no issues with Pentium 4 1.6ghz is sufficient install it and enjoy it but while some process that can be painful ...

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    Re: Windows 7 on pentium 4

    I just tested with 512 MB and it works without problem, even installed until the end to be sure it's not a problem with a virtual machine;just keep virtual memory high ....something cool

    Internet Explorer 8> Originally,fine
    Windows Media Player 12> bit slow while for opening movie
    Google Chrome> OK
    Firefox 3> OK
    Sony Ericsson PC Suite> OK
    WinRAR> OK
    Microsoft Office 2007> OK
    Nero 7> OK
    nero 8> slow

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    Re: Windows 7 on pentium 4

    My PC has the same issue, my computer is Pentium 4 1.7ghz have a 514 RAM and 60GB HDD, current OS ; Window XP. Here's the issue, when i try to boot the computer using dvd to install window 7 OS it shows FAILURE. why does it happen?
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    Re: Windows 7 on pentium 4

    I am a Windows 7 User since its start...i dont think it is possible to install windows 7 on P4 processor. No way. But still as above users saying it can be done, you should try installing Windows 7 Home Basic or windows 7 starter edition. They need to least system requirement.

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    Re: Windows 7 on pentium 4

    @ Shikhar > You are wrong : a Pentium 4 can handle Windows 7 without problem. Even a Pentium III processor can run Windows 7. Basically, any x86 processor clocked at 1 GHz or more meets the official system requirements for Windows 7 32-bit. I installed Windows 7 Home Premium on several computers with Pentium 4 HT processor and it runs fine (faster than on many netbooks as Atom is generally slower)

    There is no need to choose Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter : As long as the processor is 64-bit compliant (like the last iterations of Pentium 4), you can even install any version of Windows 7 64-bit. Otherwise, you can install only Windows 7 32-bit (any 32-bit edition, including Ultimate edition 32-bit).

    However, to ensure reasonable performance, I don't recommend installing Windows 7 on computers below Pentium 4 clocked at roughly 3 GHz and 1.5 GB RAM : a Pentium 4 1.7 GHz with 512 MB RAM should be too weak as Windows 7 is much heavier than Windows XP (which was designed to run even on Pentium II and 256 MB RAM). About the monrayv's specific problem at install, I suggest to check the computer ability to boot from DVD (some old computers can run from CD but not from DVD, I own a Pentium III that has a problem).

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