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Thread: volume label of new volume

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    volume label of new volume

    hello friends..
    my hard drive file system is fat32.I wish to change it to NTFS but have no clue how to do it where i can find the volume label of the drive the convert command asks

    please help me in this regard......
    thank you.....

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    Re: volume label of new volume

    you can find it easily through your command prompt
    Open Command Prompt,
    then type:

    vol c:

    then hit Enter
    now it will enlist the all the details you want

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    Re: volume label of new volume

    friend, volume label is the name given to each drive or partition and is seen in "My Computer"
    it will look like this (NEW DRIVE C: or New Drive D
    you can rename them by left clicking slowly two times ,in fact the drive letter stays constant for changing that you can visit to device manager....

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    Re: volume label of new volume

    you can also find it on disk management
    to access the same
    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management
    on the top pane it will list the drives by Volume.

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