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Thread: Could Activation of Windows XP be skipped

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    Could Activation of Windows XP be skipped

    As a student of technical field, i got a question in mind and i thought i should put it here on this community. I wanted to know is it possible that could anyone skip the activation of windows Xp ? As in the previous windows, the key was used any of the computer and many times but i guess it is not like that.

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    Re: Could Activation of Windows XP be skipped

    In the previous version the 25 character CD key was enough for the windows activation but now microsoft has made the users to contact them via call or on web to activate the windows. So i dont think the activation can be skipped. If you don't enter the product key within a certain period after installing, Windows XP will expire, and will cease to function. In addition the activation key that we use is been generated by a computer at Microsoft with a hardware hash.It uses some devices of your computer hardware.Activation monitors the system configuration. If it detects a major hardware change or even too many minor hardware changes within a set number of days then it crosses the threshold and requires reactivation.

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    Re: Could Activation of Windows XP be skipped

    If due to some reason, you need to format the hard drive than you need to activate the windows again. But, as long as the new installation is on the same system and there won't be any hardware changes it is possible to transfer the existing product activation and skip having to go through the product activation process again.The devices that is used with the activation key are :-

    • RAM amount range
    • Processor type
    • Processor serial number
    • Hard drive
    • Hard drive volume serial number
    • IDE adapter
    • Network adapter MAC address
    • CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM
    • Display adapter
    • SCSI adapter

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    Re: Could Activation of Windows XP be skipped

    Activation is much necessary and it can not be skipped. If any one failed to do so in 180 days than the Windows will expire and may be stop functioning. in case after activation anyone needs to format the hard drive than it is better to save the activation status information and restore it once your system is rebuilt. To do so, go through this:-

    1. Copy the files wpa.dbl and wpa.bak located at C:\Windows\System32 on a disk.
    2. After reinstallation say no when asked to activate windows.
    3. Reboot your computer in Safe Mode
    4. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and copy wpa.dbl and wpa.bak from your disk and reboot the system. Thats it..

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