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Thread: How to Reduce Page File Usage in XP

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    How to Reduce Page File Usage in XP

    Hello , I Have Windows XP Pro Installed in my Computer , recently I discovered the usage of pagefile was very high in the Virtual Memory tab of the task manager For example , when I was doing my 3d Graphics Work With maya , it uses more than 1 GB of ram, and 2 GB of virtual memory , my pc perform really slow please help thanks in advance for your replies

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    Re: How to Reduce Page File Usage in XP

    XP_PageFileMon.exe is a Visual Basic 6 program which will check your Page File settings and usage. You can display the results in a popup window and/or create a log file. This utility should run on Windows 2000, as well, but you'll need the VB6 Runtimes installed.

    To use: Download the file and save it to your hard drive. Extract the EXE file inside to your hard drive. Double click the extracted EXE file to run the program. The first time the program is run, it will prompt you to create shortcuts for the utility itself, and a shortcut that allows you to change your options, should you desire to. See the included README.TXT file for information, as well as details on running the program as a shutdown script.


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    Re: How to Reduce Page File Usage in XP

    Improve usage of Physical RAM and caches to significantly improve system performance

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

    DisablePagingExecutive=1 Will load your core WinXP files into system RAM and keep them there.

    Use this tweak if you have 512MB RAM or more.

    LargeSystemCache=0 For 512MB RAM or more set to 1 for potential performance improvement.

    IOPageLockLimit=226492416 Enter value (bytes) in Decimal view. Default of 0 = 512KB.

    I personally use the Cacheman-determined setting of "Large IO page lock limit" (for 512MB RAM it's 226492416)

    for optimal performance. See Cacheman section.

    SecondLevelDataCache=256 Enter your CPU's L2 cache size in Decimal view.

    Microsoft suggest the default setting of 0 will automatically detect your L2 Cache size,

    however entering it manually in this way won't harm performance.

    If any of these entries don't exist, create them as new DWORDs.

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    Re: How to Reduce Page File Usage in XP

    I have a screen shot from the Windows usage. Can you all please tell if that is at all normal. I have the RAM of 1GB and PF usage is about 470+ here. Also I can still it rising. Now I can see it has reached 480+.Can you all please help me with this!!!!!What can be done so that the PF usage can be minimized. I do not have much of the applications installed and hence I think that 480+ is really high......??????
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