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Thread: How can i make Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk

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    How can i make Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk

    I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit as my operating system. I would like to know that how do i make a Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk. Does any body knows how to make Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk? Kindly provide me the correct logical solution for the above issue. Would be appreciated if any body helps me out, in order to make a Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk for my system.

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    Re: How can i make Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk

    I think one of the best is to use DriveImage XML, SelfImage, Disk Image, or ImageMaker (all available on the free, open source \"Ultimate Boot CD for Windows \" (UBCD4WIN)). From there you can boot the cd, backup your hard drive as it is, and restore from the backup later. If you want to reinstall (restore), boot from the cd and restore. This is good for when you want to get your system exactly how you like it, then back it up.

    Note: You can back up your drive(s) and restore them to new drives, so if you want to upgrade your hard drive but don't have Vista DVD, just move your current drive onto the new one using DriveImage XML.

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    Re: How can i make Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk

    In order to make bootable dvd from any bootable dvd, you have to just prepare a *.nrg or *.iso file using 'virtualcd' software on your system. This file is an image of your bootable dvd. Now, just double click on the Nero icon on your desktop, if you have installed Nero on your system. Then, Nero will prompt you to burn this image, you can also try to burn your bootable disc in the same manner on your system.

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    Re: How can i make Windows Vista 64 bit boot disk

    You can also try out NeoSmart Technologies, in order to copy the Windows Vista Recovery Disc. It is in the standard ISO format and it's only 120 MB in size, if you want to download it on your system. Then youl need to burn this ISO image to a CD or DVD before you can use it as a bootable recovery medium.

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