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Thread: Error 80070241 while installing Vista

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    Error 80070241 while installing Vista

    I tried to install vista beta 2 in a dual boot system keep getting somewhere around 60% of the way installed and i got the error 80070241. the installation was on new 300 gig drive. Some one told me that it may be cause of bad download but i have Vista on actual disks from Microsoft so it wasn't a bad download. Do any one of you have any idea about this problem ?

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    Re: Error 80070241 while installing Vista

    Well, what i can suggest you in this case is try to download the Vista ISO again.It could not copy file 7 and that is why you had the error. As per Microsoft, this error means ERROR_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH. Setup failed since it found the install.wim was corrupted.If the install DVD worked on another machine, sounds like possibly something machine specific. Possibly a needed BIOS or firmware update, hardware going bad, faulty or loose cable, etc..

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    Re: Error 80070241 while installing Vista

    There is no fix solution toward the error but we need to have any alternative ways to get to work. One way is to use ISO image with ‘Daemon tools’ and create a virtual drive and try install from there.

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