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Thread: How to Remove Services in Vista 64

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    How to Remove Services in Vista 64

    I was running vista on my home computer and was running some services at the background, which i was found that services running are necessary and that has to run so did not turned off, but when i was search on the internet regarding running services it has given that this services are not necessary and removing that will not harm to any application, I try to remove it but I failed and unable to remove that, so my question is how to remove the services in Vista64, Please suggest.

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    Re: How to Remove Services in Vista 64

    Go to Start->Control Panel-> administrative tools, in the administrative tools you will find the 5 to 6 tool from that you need to choose services, from that you need to choose the services that you want to remove, right click on that process and select for end process.In this you could remove the process.

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    Re: How to Remove Services in Vista 64

    Go to Start Menu.In the white search line area, type services and hit Enter.Click on Continue in the UAC prompt.Right click on the services you want to delete and click on Properties. select the service and right click on the service name and click on Copy, then click on the Cancel button. Open a elevated command prompt.In the elevated command prompt,you need to type sc delete the service you want to delete. Close the elevated command prompt when done.

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    Re: How to Remove Services in Vista 64

    You can use the "SC.EXE" command-line or delete the service registry key directly. In to the devices manager and remove fast ircc and reboot and reinstall it as an administrator, that should stop that and also see if there is any driver updates for fast ircc Easier way is to use the Autoruns utility from Windows Sysinternals.

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