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Thread: Can't join Windows 2000 domain with Vista

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    Can't join Windows 2000 domain with Vista

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate computers. They won't connect new domain. I have configure dhcp and i can ping all the machine with windows 2000. Every time I make an attempt, an error pops up says the domain cannot be joined or doesn't exist. What has happened and what is the solution?Can anyone help!!!

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    Re: Can't join Windows 2000 domain with Vista

    Have you tried to delete the DNS record on the server? If Vista can't join to windows 2000 then you need delete the records in Forward and Reverse lookup zone.Connection depends on your existing domain compatibility settings, you may need to change your NTLM settings.

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    Re: Can't join Windows 2000 domain with Vista

    Are the DNS settings correct? Renaming the machine who are trying to join new domain. or try to add the domain controller to the forward lookup zone.Just add . to the forward lookup zone.Also do you have Netbios enabled?

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