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Thread: Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Compute

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    Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Compute

    hello ,
    i have HP laptop computer normally comes with a special recovery partition . which cause hidden partition which ,usually used to store recovery information.accesing restriction place shows his area of your hard disk (or partition) contains files used for your system recovery. Do not delete or alter these files. Any change to this partition could prevent any recovery later .can any one tell me how can i remove this partition?
    thank you .

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    Re: Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Compute

    To delete the recovery partition:
    1. If you have not already created,create recovery discs,
    2. Select Start > All Programs > System Recovery > PC Recovery.
    3. The PC Recovery tool window opens.
    4. Select PC Recovery and click Next. The computer restarts
    5. Recovery tools opens. Click OK.
    6. click Advanced Options.
    7. Select Delete Recovery Partition and follow instructions.

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    Re: Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Compute

    Go to Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features for Vista from Control Panel there you can see HP Backup and Recovery Manager now uninstall HP Backup and Recovery Manager that will Delete the partition.

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    Re: Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Compute

    To remove the recovery partition, perform the following steps and actions:

    • Click on Start button, then All Programs Then run Recovery Manager or PC Recovery.
    • click on Recovery Manager when it appears in the searched program list to open the Recovery Manager window.
    • select the option to perform the PC Recovery when the recovery options are presented, and click Next.
    • Wait for computer to restart.
    • go to next step if you are using Recovery Manager.
    • For PC Recovery click on OK button
    • select Advanced Options button.
    • select radio button of Delete Recovery Partition on PC Recovery option and click Next.
    • prompted to verify to delete the partition, click Yes then next

      If you still haven’t create recovery discs, click on Click Here to create now, else you will have to pay to get the discs .
    • Removal process will start to remove the recovery partition.
    • Restart computer

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