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Thread: K Desktop Environment [KDE] 4.3 Beta 1 Released

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    K Desktop Environment [KDE] 4.3 Beta 1 Released

    The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.3 Beta 1, the first preview of the 3rd iteration over the KDE 4 desktop, applications and development platform. KDE 4.3 focuses on polishing and completing the user experience by providing a modern and beautiful Free working environment. KDE's award-winning tools and applications are available in more than 50 languages. The KDE team is now in bugfixing mode in order to provide a smooth KDE 4.3.0 to end users in late July. If anyone has more details please post.

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    Re: K Desktop Environment [KDE] 4.3 Beta 1 Released

    KDE 4.3 beta 1 released yesterday, 13th May '09. Highlights of KDE 4.3 :
    • Integration of many new technologies, such as PolicyKit and Geolocation services
    • New Window animation effects, a more usable Run Command popup and many new and improved addons in Plasma
    • Many bugfixes and improvements across all applications and more integration of features coming with the KDE 4 platform
    • A streamlined hardware integration and multimedia experience thanks to the Solid and Phonon libraries
    • A fully themable look taking advantage of modern graphics hardware combining the Oxygen artwork with the new Plasma desktop shell
    • An extensive high-level development platform built on top of Qt, available in C++, Python, Ruby and other programming languages

    General Information :

    • Policykit integration
    • Settings module for actions triggered by hardware events
    • Recent applications, titles and context menues for the classic application launcher
    • New Tree Mode in System Settings
    • Revisited user interface of the crash dialog, including backtrace parsing and rating
    • A network:/ IO Slave to show services such as Zeroconf as view in the file manager
    • Sorting folders in the file manager first is now optional
    • Support for the mobipocket format in the document viewer and desktop search

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    Re: K Desktop Environment [KDE] 4.3 Beta 1 Released

    Major Changes in Plasma Desktop & KWin Window Manager :

    • KRunner now displays all known syntax in the results area when Help button pressed
    • Spacers for the panel
    • Holidays are now displayed in the calendar of the clock
    • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for Plasma
    • Grouping support in Extenders
    • "Open..." in notifications for finished jobs
    • Entering into directories when hovering over them in the folder view
    • Keyboard navigation in the zooming user interface and the folder view
    • Animations of dialogs from the Panel
    • SVG-themed desktop and panel toolbox
    • Unit conversion library
    • Completed wallpaper renderings can now be cached
    • More complete JavaScript API
    • Window manager elements now follow the Plasma theme
    • Fading desktop switcher
    • Windows sliding behind each other when changing focus

    Plasma Addons

    • New Plasmoids: Bubble Monitor (a playful system monitor), Magnifique (Plasma magnifier), Media Player, openDesktop (Social Desktop Plasmoid), Remember The Milk Plasmoid (time management), retro-style system load viewer, Unit converter
    • New dataengines: Akonadi, Calendar Geolocation, keyboard state, access to Nepomuk metadata, Open Collaboration Services, Picture of the day, support for sun positioning and sunrise/sunset in the time engine
    • Rich-text editing and text-zooming in the Notes applet
    • Microblogging Plasmoid now also supports
    • Pastebin applet has been reworked
    • The System tray can now show / hide icons based on their category
    • Jobs are now grouped together
    • Grouped windows' tooltips now also show previews
    • Lancelot launcher: Improved theming, configurable actions for system buttons, clear document history
    • Speaking the time from the clock
    • Weather wallpaper displays a wallpaper matching the current weather
    • The Virus wallpaper slowly eats your desktop
    • Mandelbrot fractals as real-time computed wallpaper
    • Marble Interactive desktop globe can be used as wallpaper

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    Re: K Desktop Environment [KDE] 4.3 Beta 1 Released

    Some more info :

    • New game "Curse of the Mummy" in KGoldrunner, more accurate pause and resume and recording and replaying of games
    • KPatience can now save the game state on exit to be restored later
    • New in KDE 4: KTron
    • Improved AI and asynchronous "thinking" in Bovo
    • 70 new levels in KMahjongg


    • The moon and other Planets can now be displayed using the Marble desktop globe
    • Support for imperial units, DGML2 and geolocation plugins in Marble
    • The Juk music player now supports real translucency in track announcements
    • UI improvements and better format handling in the compression tool Ark
    • New bookmarking tool in Okteta hex editor
    • KGpg, the GnuPG key manager has been ported to the new system tray

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