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Thread: Any tool for driver detection in Suse

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    Any tool for driver detection in Suse

    Hey Guys!
    I'm new to linux and i have installed OpenSUSE 11.1 on my desktop computer. I wan't to know is there any driver related tool for Suse, which would tell me Which driver is installed and which is not installed. Which driver is installed but not correctly or wrong driver installed. Is there any of such tools for suse? Help Guys! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Any tool for driver detection in Suse

    Well there isn't such tool available to check so many functionalities related to drivers in any linux distribution. This feature is only available in Windows based Operating System and the tool is device manager. But there are some inbuilt OS tools to check and install the drivers detected by the OS. All the best!

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    Re: Any tool for driver detection in Suse

    Thanks for a quick reply, but if the OS doesn't have such tool, there must be any third pary software which does this? I mean if not everything atleast there must be a software which can tell which drivers need manually installation and configuration. If we don't know which drivers are installed and which are to be installed manually, its totally useless using such OS. I like the Suse's user interface and i want to learn more.. Thank again. Hope anyone helps me soon!

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    Re: Any tool for driver detection in Suse

    OpenSUSE has a default system tool manager which can manage drivers installation and updates. This tool is know as YaST [Yet another System Tool]. The name itself is enough for its description. Open YaST and see if you find what you really looking for... Hope this helps you.. All the best!

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