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Thread: Can't connect WLAN in XP

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    Can't connect WLAN in XP

    i have a problem with my w-lan connection,I am using windows xp prof. the drivers for the wlan card is installed and it is properly working. the entire wireless networks is visable and network also appear in my laptop with registered mac address.when i click on my network it ask for the network key it's normal but after entering the network key nothing happens, it doesn't allow me to access the network.there is no problem my network key, Does anyone know what causes this issue and how to fix it?Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Re: Can't connect WLAN in XP

    Do you have the latest firmware installed on the router? Do you have the latest wireless card drivers installed?try your connection through modem or router straightly.

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    Re: Can't connect WLAN in XP

    to solve the problem first go to the console for Wireless management of your other Wi-Fi router and then Disable automatic channel.Select channel No. 10.Choose a WPA key only in alphanumeric.if still unsupported and system unable to connect to wireless network, check the website of the WLAN adapter or wireless card for any new updated WLAN driver that capable of enabling WPA.

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    Re: Can't connect WLAN in XP

    If you think your network password is correctly being typed in you may need to type the webkey instead and What kind of network security are you using? Do you have MAC address filtering set on your router?What kinda wireless router do you have?When you search for it, can you see it as one of the networks?

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