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Thread: Windows XP system lags

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    Windows XP system lags

    I have Windows XP, and since last 2 weeks my computer lags a few seconds all the time. This may be when I'm on the internet but also on a word or playing games, lags the last 3 / 4 seconds. At first I did not care but now it starting to irritating me. Thank you in advance for any answers and good day ...

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    Re: Windows XP system lags

    We need details about your pc configuration? Is your processor is overclocked? check the temperatures of your various components. post a log HijackThis log here: HijackThis - How to use HijackThis? What it dose?

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    Re: Windows XP system lags

    Sounds like you need to run both CHKDSK c: /f (to ensure the hd is running ok. It'll fix problems). Then do a defrag of the hard drive.

    You might also want to check for malware.

    It also sounds like a screwed-up user profile. The solution is to create a new user, then move files over to the new profile. Then, delete the old profile.

    At least, I've never found an easier way to fix profile issues.

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    Re: Windows XP system lags

    The "stuttering" and lag symptoms you describe sound more like a resource conflict between hardware devices - possibly due to a buggy driver, hardware IRQ conflicts or something misconfigured in Windows or your PC's BIOS setup.

    Have you added any new software or hardware? Updated any drivers? Rearranged the slots that cards are plugged into? Made changes to Windows settings or BIOS settings? Check to see if Windows updated any hardware drivers (automatic update). Microsoft has been known to install buggy video drivers with their updates - something that can cause major problems. If this problem is new - something changed to cause it.

    You should be able to monitor your motherboard/CPU temps as well as fan speeds and possibly voltages in your BIOS Setup. Make sure all of this hardware stuff is in order before you pursue a different solution.
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