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Thread: Is Windows 7 Build 7061 out?

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    Is Windows 7 Build 7061 out?

    He guys!
    I've heard that windows 7 build 7061 is out? Is it true? Windows 7 Build 7057 was hardly known and there is already news about build 7061...! Seems like microsoft has become quite serious about the final retail version and are going to release it before the announced date... Windows 7 has no doubt become famous already... Seems quite exciting...!

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    Re: Is Windows 7 Build 7061 out?

    At this point in time, Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, indicates that Microsoft continues to gather feedback and telemetry from people running Windows 7 Build 7000. No word on Windows 7 Build 7061, which is reportedly out, having been compiled on March 11, 2009. No word on the build number that will end up as the official Windows 7 Release Candidate either. Still, until the RC, Microsoft has to go through RC-Escrow, a development milestone synonymous with a focus on detecting show-stopping bugs and regression issues, while confirming that all reported bugs have been dealt with.

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    Re: Is Windows 7 Build 7061 out?

    Initially Microsoft had informed members of the TAP program that it was planning to make Windows 7 RC available in April 2009, according to a leaked product roadmap courtesy of Lotta Bath, from the Microsoft Sweden Partner team. Wzor (via Neowin) is reporting that the Redmond company has updated this schedule, and that Windows 7 will enter RC-Escrow in the last week of April, while the fully fledged Release Candidate is planned for availability by the end of May 2009 (also the last week).

    Microsoft of course, has yet to confirm or deny any leaked details related to the development process of Windows 7 past Beta Build 7000, which was offered as a public download on January 10, 2009. By discussing the changes integrated into post-Beta Windows 7 development milestones, the software giant managed however to offer confirmation of the validity of Builds 7048 and 7057 leaked to torrent websites.

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    Re: Is Windows 7 Build 7061 out?

    hey! hmmm it real is all i wanna know how did it escaped? i'll assume it as this: 7061.0.winmain.090311-1856, that build was sent to testers and its a good chance its real, its an "escrow"/RTM build...!

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