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Thread: Can't open an associate file type

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    unsure Can't open an associate file type

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm having a problem in Windows Vista, it's not allowing me to associate the file type. Whenever i try to click on browse and select the program such as Paint, it allows me to pick up one of the original defaults and the one i had browsed to. The "OK" tab won't activate unless i pick up the original default. Does any one have any idea why i'm facing such kind of problem? Would some body help me out to resolve this issue.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Can't open an associate file type

    To create or modify File Associations, use the following steps:

    1.Double click on "My Computer".

    2.Click on "View"

    3.Click on "Options"

    4.Click on the "File Types" tab.

    5.Grab the scroll bar with the mouse pointer and scroll down until you see the file type that you want to edit.

    6.Double click on it. (or single click then click "edit"). This brings up the "Edit File Types" sheet.

    7.Notice the window at the bottom listing the associated actions. It probably says "Open". This list is exactly what you see on the action menu when you right click on this type of file. It is the list of possible actions for that file type.

    8.Click on the "New" button. This brings up the "New Action" sheet.

    9.In the top box labled "Action", type in a name for the new action. Common action names are View, Edit, Print, etc. but it can be whatever you like. It is only what appears on the action menu and does not actually determine the file type. The Actual File type is determined by "Mime Type" Drop down list. You can assign which letter is underlined on the action menu and will act as a shortcut key by preceeding the desired letter with the "&" (ampersand) character, e.g. "&Play" will appear on the menu as "Play". The "P" will become active as a shortcut key for that action.

    10.Now fill in the box labled "Application used to perform action.". This is the command to start the program such as "C:\photoshp\photoshp.exe". Just as you would type it at a command prompt. As stated above, in some cases you may need to add the variable "%1" to the end of the command.

    11.Ignore the box labled "DDE" unless you know the applicaton is DDE compliant. (Dynamic Data Exchange) It is a sophisticated method of dynamic communication between Windows programs such as Word and Excel. (And they install the proper commands automatically) You probably won't ever have occasion to alter these settings.

    12.Special Note for printing.If you want the action to be printing a text document with Notepad, the command is: Notepad.exe /p The /p tells Notepad to print the document. The print command varies between programs so you will have to check the documentation for the particular program you wish to print with.

    13.Click OK. Repeat for as many other actions as you want. HINT: Browse throuth the other file types action commands and click the question mark then click on a box for an explanation of the command contained in it.

    14.Click "Close".

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    Re: Can't open an associate file type

    To fix the association for a particular file type, download the corresponding fix from the Microsoft website. (Use Right click --> Save as option in your browser to download the fixes). Unzip the fix and extract the .REG file to the Desktop. Right-click the REG file and choose Merge.

    Note that you need to be an administrator to apply these fixes.

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    Re: Can't open an associate file type

    Have you tried in My Computer-->Tools--> Folder options-->File types you should be able to re-associate your files to open with another program. You need to have nero photosnap? I think you can uninstall that program.

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    Re: Can't open an associate file type

    To set the application:

    Click on your file ( to select it. Pick "Get Info" from the File menu (or press Command-I) to open the Info window for that file. Find the section named "Open with". Pick an application in the menu or pick "Other" and navigate to the application that you want to have open files with that extension. Click the "Change All" button, read the prompt, and click "Continue."

    Hold the Command key while clicking and holding on the title bar of the window for that file.

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