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Thread: Combine Two Partitions

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    Combine Two Partitions


    I am a Windows Vista user and my hard drive is partitioned as if there are two drives. I would like to take advantage of the space from both partitions. So is there any way i can merge both the drives?

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    ohmy Re: Combine Two Partitions

    Yes, you can merge your both partitions in to one, but the ability to merge partitions can be a powerful option, but care must be taken to fully understand both the process of merging and ways to ensure that the merge operation produces your intended results.

    To combine two partitions, go through this steps:-

    Merge two partitions with Windows Vista

    1. Go to the Start menu and open “Control Panel”

    2. Select the “System and Maintenance” option if you are using the Control Panel Home View and “Administrative Tools” if you are using the “Classic View”

    3. In the “Administrative Tools” section, select “Create and format disk partitions”.

    4. For “Classic View” users, select the “Computer Management” option and select “Storage”. When done, click “Disk Management”

    5. When the list of your drive is displayed, choose the one with which you want to merge your partitioned drive with (e.g. disk D and select “Delete Volume”.

    6. Hence, select your drive C: and the option “Extend Volume”. Your computer will automatically select empty available spaces on your hard disk, and you can alter them if you wish to do so.

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    Re: Combine Two Partitions

    If you have a partitioned hard drive and you are running out of space on one of them, you can choose to merge it with another partition. You must however note that the other partition should be completely empty to avoid some files bearing the same name to be overwritten..
    Partitions can be merged only if they meet all the criteria listed here:

    1. They are in the same cube
    2. They have the same structure (the default situation)
    3. They are stored in the same mode (MOLAP, HOLAP, or ROLAP)
    4. They contain identical aggregation designs

    If all this are correct than go the steps of merging:-

    1. In the Analysis Manager tree pane, under the database that contains the partitions, expand the Cubes folder, expand the cube that contains the partitions, and then expand the Partitions folder.

    2. Right-click the source partition, and then click Merge.

    3. In the Merge Partitions dialog box, select the target partition, and then click Merge.

    4. In the Process dialog box, wait for the merge to finish processing, or click Stop to halt and cancel processing.

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    ThumbsUp Re: Combine Two Partitions

    To merge partitions in Windows Vista try this:-

    1. Click on Start in Vista.

    2. Go to Control Pannel (Follow steps pre-fixed 'A' for "Control Panel Home view" / 'B' for "Classic View").

    3. A: Click "System And Maintenance" (in green).

    4. B: Click Administrative Tools (the one with a big gear icon).

    5. A: Under Administrative Tools, click "Create and format disk partitions" (If a UAC prompt apears, click continue).

    6. B: Click "Computer management" (If a UAC prompt apears, click continue), Next click "Storage", then "Disk Management".

    7. On the list provided, right-click the letter drive you want to rid yourself off (say D and choose the option "Delete Volume".

    8. If you have done it right, a black area should appear within your entire disk space.

    9. Finally, right-click your drive you want to add the space to (say C and choose "Extend Volume" (by default, the wizard will choose ALL unallocated space to add to your Vista partition, but you can change that if you'd like.)

    I guess you have merged now successfully !!

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