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Thread: No Wake up from standby

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    No Wake up from standby


    Using Windows XP SP2, I have been using standby regularly and only rebooting once every few days. But now its acting really strange ,Its not waking up from standby, all i have to do is restart. does anyone know why PC cant awake from standby? My mouse and keyboard are both wired usb. Thank you

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    Re: No Wake up from standby

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    Re: No Wake up from standby

    What does happen when you try to awake your PC? Nothing at all, or a certain system crash ? Have you installed all the appropriate downloads from Windows Update?

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    Re: No Wake up from standby

    I think I had similiar problems a long time ago, I think I solved it either by updating my chipset drivers or my BIOS, I'm pretty sure it was my BIOS. If that still don't work, try fail safe settings in BIOS, I'm pretty sure the problem is in BIOS.

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    Re: No Wake up from standby

    In control panel---keyboard---hardware---properties---power management---do you have this set to allow keyboard to bring out of standby??

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    Re: No Wake up from standby

    I had similar problems that I managed to resolve by uninstalling and reinstalling the ATI catalyst drivers. I found this MCE Standby tool utility that may be helpful to someone, and it does seem to be helpful in diagnosing and correcting standby problems. Just google it.

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