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Thread: Tweak Vista to increase SSD performance

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    Tweak Vista to increase SSD performance

    I have a SSD installed on my DELL INSPIRION 530s SLIM desktop. I am on Vista Home Premium. I am eager to use it. But it is working too slow. Is there any tweak to increase the SSD performance? Please help...

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    Re: Tweak Vista to increase SSD performance

    you need your write cache more than ever with an ssd as writes are pretty slow with them. the main performance tweak is to disable defraging your ssd as it doesn't help performance in anyway and can contribute to the early death of an ssd.

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    Re: Tweak Vista to increase SSD performance

    Turn your page file off. Go to Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Performance settings > Advanced > Virtual memory > Change > Uncheck "Automatic etc." > Select no paging file > "Set" button

    Disable HDD optimised services - these are bad for SSDs.

    Windows + R > Services.msc > Properties on Windows Search > Drop-down box > Disable > OK.

    Properties on Superfetch > Drop-down box > Disable > OK.

    Disable system restore: Computer > Properties > System protection > Uncheck your SSD > OK.

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    Re: Tweak Vista to increase SSD performance

    Disable Vista Automatic Defrag: Click Start - Click Control Panel - Click System and Maintenance - Under Administrative Tools, click Defragment - Click or unclick Run automatically (depending on your choice) - Click OK

    Remove Indexing: Go to Start - Computer - Right click on your drive and select 'properties' - Uncheck 'index this drive for faster searching'

    Disable Write Caching: Device Manager - Expand the disk drives - Right click your drive, select 'Properties' - click the 'Policies' tab - Uncheck 'Enable write caching on the disk'

    Disable Short File Names: Go to Start - Run - Type "fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 1"

    Disable Timestamp for Last Access: Go to Start - Run - Type "fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1"

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