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Thread: Capacity of 13 GB Windows folder, normal

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    angry Capacity of 13 GB Windows folder, normal

    I have a laptop: vista OS, 120 GB HDD, I just noticed that I have 17GB space occupied where I installed the OS. When I checked everything, I realize that the folder C: \ windows alone occupies 13gb and another folder inside C: \ Windows \ WinSxS occupies alone 6.50GB, I can not find if its normal or not? Can someone tell me what is wrong over here??
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    Re: Capacity of 13 GB Windows folder, normal

    WinSxS folder is unusual in that it is not really the place that is indicated in its properties.
    In fact this file contains only pointers (hardlink) to files that are elsewhere. The "problem" is that when you request the size it takes into account the size of files to which it points, not the size of pointers. So in reality this issue occupies very little space.

    Now if on your HDD 120GB there are only 17GB there is a lot of malware to be cleaned because it is probably not Windows that occupies it.

    Use the tool to clean the disk that is so temporary file.
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    Re: Capacity of 13 GB Windows folder, normal

    Yeah, the temp file folder, the temp internet file folder and the swap file are usually located in the windows folder. A disk cleanup will empty the first two.

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    Re: Capacity of 13 GB Windows folder, normal

    Again the i386 folder is also another way to restore your computer if you need to, just a bit more flaffing around then a simple system restore..............I personally wouldnt get rid of them, but then Im running XP and not Vista.

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