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Thread: Dumprep.exe Slowing Down my Computer

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    Dumprep.exe Slowing Down my Computer

    I has experienced recently blue screen crash and my computer forever to reboot (on a number of occassions) and it was almost impossible to open any programmes. Process viewer revealed dumprep.exe (a reporting programm to microsoft about memory dumps apparently) was using consistently using over 90% of my cpu, but windows would not let me close down the process.I've since been into msconfig and prevented it from starting but this does not work . do you have idea about it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Dumprep.exe Slowing Down my Computer

    Dumprep.exe is the file is used to forcibally close the program which habgs the the windows crashes it and it closes a program you just told to shut down. If the program is hanging and not closing, expect to see a "dumprep.exe" for each time you attempted to close a program. Manually shutting down "dumprep" won't hurt, but remember that the program you want to close is still there. If you go into "task manager", "Applications", then you should see which program is running but you closed. I suggest go "start", "run", "msconfig", "startup". Take a look at the programs that load every time Windows starts. The ONLY programs you need to start when you boot are your Anti-Virus and Firewall. Other programs might include Spybot's Tea Time. There is absolutely NO NEED for Yahoo, MS Messenger, AIM, or any of these programs to start with Windows even if they run in the background. Whenever you start these programs from the desktop, they will start up! Sometimes these programs do not like being shut down and will resist. Or, if it is an old program, then it might be corrupted and need reinstalling. Hope this helps. May the wind always be at your back.

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    Re: Dumprep.exe Slowing Down my Computer

    It looks like that one of your programs might be crashing, and dumprep.exe invoked into capture error information and locks up. Check My Computer | Properties | Advanced tab | Startup and Recovery Settings button and see what Write debugging information is set to. I have mine set to (none). If yours is set to Kernel or Complete memory dump, that may be causing the problem? (Guessing.)

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    Re: Dumprep.exe Slowing Down my Computer

    if your computer slow down at that very important moment, A further examination of your machine finds a new application running in the background tying up your precious resources. The dreaded Dumprep.exe, what is Dumprep.exe? Well if you use Windows XP its a Microsoft tool called “Windows Error Dump Reporting”. Basically if some file crashes on your system Windows “phones home” via Dumprep.exe and sends a error report back to the mothership where it will deleted and never looked at. The funny thing is that the dumprep.exe isn’t the most reliable program ever and can make a already bad situation worse.

    Disable Dumprep.exe on Windows XP:
    1. Right click on “My Computer” choose “Properties” from that menu.
    2. Click on “Advanced tab”.
    3. Click the “Error Reporting” button.
    4. Check the “Disable error reporting” box.

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    Re: Dumprep.exe Slowing Down my Computer

    Windows Error Reporting Dump Reporting Tool. Found on Windows XP/2003. It shows as a startup item whose execution line usually reads as "KernelFaultCheck" %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 –k. DUMPREP creates memory dump reports that you can send to Microsoft if you answer "Yes" when prompted to send such reports. In our experience this entry only shows up for the first time after your PC has experienced a Windows XP "dump" crash, or an Office XP or Internet Explorer 6 crash where you were prompted about sending the crash results to Microsoft.

    Recommendation :
    It is Myexperience that having Error Reporting set to ON only causes more crashes. The mind boggles at this : in both Netscape and Internet Explorer our experience shows that if you turn error reporting ON, you will crash often in either browser, if not sometimes always !! You’ve guessed it, avoid Error Reporting like the plague. In both Windows XP and Windows 2003 turn it OFF by opening the SYSTEM icon in the Control Panel, choosing the ADVANCED tab, and then clicking on Error Reporting.

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