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Thread: Error on installation of Mandriva 2006

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    Error on installation of Mandriva 2006

    Hello, I am with an urgent problem to be solved,
    when the installation CD of Mandriva 2006 it load the first 2 screens, but when it comes to the screen for the installation does not understand anything, as if it is bug with the video card Geforce mx 440 with AGP8x, press esc for the load verbose mode and showed the following flaws:

    Remote root file system in read-write mode: mount: function not implemented

    Starting System Logger / etc/rc5.d/S12Syslog line terminal 44 3269

    These problems occurred in 2 different cds, my friend installed the normal pc it!
    Please if someone can help me, it is URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Error on installation of Mandriva 2006

    Mandriva is the same heavy rolls and not a machine that ...

    Even my machine below in my signature very similar to the problem of the same until the 2008 version and I think that this distribution is something chronic ...

    get something more like Light Kurumin NG or Big Linux these will work well if you have 512 MB RAM or more as in my machine ....

    just look down and enjoy writing,,,,

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    Re: Error on installation of Mandriva 2006

    has to do that by default Mandriva distro wants to be an all in one but the developers are exaggerated more and then put a few drivers in the system without modules compatible hardware for critical not booter right away that even boot case many programs and purposes No time to make a desktop, very slow

    even if you want to use the many effects that Ubuntu even though a bit heavy is not as much as Mandriva and have more drivers or kernel modules, as we say and so it is more compatible and has the same purpose and programs of Mandriva and the little that he does not have the HD can be downloaded after installation

    (If you want something more like Windows and how to use the Mandriva Kubuntu has KDE it takes more jeitao with beginners)

    There are several options at the end but the best are of the Ubuntu Linux Kurumin NG and Big for something more general and mild, but in my opinion the Mandriva has no future.

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