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Thread: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

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    Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    i have Q6700 @ 3.5 Stable
    XfX 790i Ultra Motherboard
    4 x 1024 Corsair DDR3
    8800 GTX OcGraphics Card,running windows xp sp3 but there was some error message whenever I was restarting my PC. Next thing I know is it boots up goes past the Win XP logo and its a black screen and nothing else.

    What has happened and what is the solution?please help!!

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    Re: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    If this happened recently your Power Supply may be going out. Another may be you RAM, but I'd bet on Power Supply for now.

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    Re: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    I cannot get to a platform to upload either something to clean out a worm or to edit, delete, or add something. can't access the recovery console with this "new" password that I dont know what else can I do?

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    Re: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    i think the problem occurs due to Power supply.The power supply can't power the graphics card to boot in proper manner. Change the PSU and problem will be solve.

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    Re: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    At the inicial load goes into ram and it hands over to the hard drive on the first reboot when the install starts you will see the drivers being loaded into ram during this install it asks if you wish to load any third party drivers with f6[Safe Mode gets stuck at Mup.sys and VGA Mode] this would indicate the op.system is already loaded if it is boot into the recovery console and run chkdsk /r.

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    Re: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    Try follow this step to slove the problem:
    • Boot in safe mode - press F8 when the Windows loader presents you with the 30 second list of choices, and then select "Safe Mode" as your boot option.
    • Right click on the desktop and click Properties, and then on the Settings tab.
    • Now click and drag the Screen Resolution slider to the far left ... you want the smallest settings that your screen will support. Typically that'll be 640x480, or 800x600.
    • Also change the Color Quality dropdown to 256 colors, or whatever is lowest. (You probably don't need to go as low as 16 colors, if that's presented as an option.)
    • Now, click on the Advanced button, and then the Monitor tab of the resulting dialog box. Change the Screen refresh rate to 60 Hertz.
    • OK your way back out, and reboot your machine. If these setting were the source of the problem, it should now be able to boot normally. You may not like the screen settings, but at least you now have a place to start.

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    Re: Black screen after Windows logo and pc hangs

    Thanks, my problem is sorted out after I installed SP3 on my xp but screen was moving with 5 seconds of time delay and that was beacuse I didn't have a correct NVIDIA driver, no it it all ok ,thanks again

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