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Thread: Resize partition in Windows Vista

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    Resize partition in Windows Vista

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem to extend a partition on my hard drive. It is the partition that I want to expand is the C. But after the C, there is another partition D. D contains my data and somewhat empty also. Then how can i add my D: empty space to C: to extend C.

    Thank you

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    Re: Resize partition in Windows Vista

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    Re: Resize partition in Windows Vista


    there is no extension but resize. there is no native tool (for now) but in vista partition using Partition Magic.

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    Re: Resize partition in Windows Vista

    There is also EaseUs Free Partition Manager. with a small tutorial that comes with it!

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    Dr. V Guest

    Re: Resize partition in Windows Vista

    To resize a partition with Windows Vista, follow these steps:

    Be sure to back up any valuable information, because there is a slight chance that data can be lost when dealing with partitions.
    1. Click on the Start menu
    2. Right click on Computer and click on Manage
    3. You may get a User Account Control dialog here; just click Continue
    4. In the left pane, open up the Storage category and click on Disk Management
    5. Here, you will find your partitions for your disks. Right click on the partition you’d like to modify.
    6. Click on Extend Volume or Shrink Volume to extend or shrink the selected partition.

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    Techeasy Guest

    Re: Resize partition in Windows Vista

    There are many free programs to resize vista partition like Partition Wizard, Paragon Partition Manager Express, Ranish Partition Manager etc.

    Notes: only Partition Wizard supports 64bit free, others would ask you to register a paid version to support 64bit.

    Among paid programs, I think Acronis Disk Director Suite worth your cash. If you do not want to pay any bucks, just use the free programs.

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    memrary Guest

    Re: Resize partition in Windows Vista

    It's good choice to use free partition manager to extend your system partition. Of course, If your operating system is Vista, 2008 or Win7, you could try to use Disk management to extend volume, which is easy to use and no cost. A article at to talk about how to extend volume in Vista and Later.

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