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Thread: How to Clear the prefetch folder to speed up Windows

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    How to Clear the prefetch folder to speed up Windows

    It is true that we can remove all files in the prefetch (except layout.ini) to accelerate windows? Can I safely delete? Thank you
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    Re: How to Clear the prefetch folder to speed up Windows

    It is useful to periodically purge the prefetch folder: This speeds up Windows.

    It is important to understand what is the prefetch folder (C: \ WINDOWS \ Prefetch):

    When you start a program, it cycles ---> loads disc treatment ----> ---> loads so hard.

    At first launch of the program, Windows will scan (10 seconds) which files the program access, and notes in a file in the prefetch.

    During the following launches during the treatment phases of the program, Windows will take the opportunity to get in advance the files that the program will be required.

    Result: The launch of programs is faster.

    In addition, the prefetch is also active when Windows starts to draw loads of files at startup (and optimize the Windows startup).

    Finally, the Windows defragmenter can also use the information in the prefetch folder to put the most frequently used files when you start at the beginning of the disk to improve performance.

    Needless to purge this issue because the Windows limit to 128 files anyway.

    Delete the contents of this folder that will affect the performance of Windows.
    Deactivate prefetch will also deprive you of the performance enhancements made.
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    Re: How to Clear the prefetch folder to speed up Windows

    Yes, without problems

    Prefetch folder allows the operating system to launch soon the applications you use most often by creating files with the extension. Pf. In these files are stored the path of. Exe files that you run on the disc and how they should be organized by the system to speed up loading. Over time this file is filled with unnecessary files and slowed the launch of applications. This is because when you delete a file pf the software associated with it is not removed and this has resulted in unnecessarily increase the space on your hard drive and slow down the time that Windows is to find the good pf file associated with the application launched.

    To empty the contents of the folder Prefetch:

    Go to the file "C: \ WINDOWS \ Prefetch" use the combination "Ctrl + A" or go to the Edit menu and choose "Select All" to select everything in it and delete everything!

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    Re: How to Clear the prefetch folder to speed up Windows

    or with a program like ccleaner (a checkbox)

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