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Thread: Windows screen frozen, black screen in Safe Mode

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    Windows screen frozen, black screen in Safe Mode

    Here are my concerns:
    - Normal mode: screen freezes (PC launches, normal beep, and then with the Windows logo and progress bar)
    - Safe Mode: Screen stays black with small white flashing cursor
    - Live CD Ubuntu: screen freezes during the launch of the system
    - Test with another hard disk: screen freezes before partitions displayed (which can then make formatting)

    - Test with a graphics card (in PCI Express, the graphics card is integrated into motherboard): KO
    - Change RAM: KO
    - Change the psu: KO

    impossible to have the command prompt ...
    test with nothing plugged into the motherboard - there was already little branches (graphics card integrates the motherboard) - KO

    I think logically a concern of motherboard (Gigabyte)

    Can someone help me .....

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    Re: Windows screen frozen, black screen in Safe Mode

    Sometimes these all are the concerned of small bios settings. Why don't you try to clear the CMOS?

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    Re: Windows screen frozen, black screen in Safe Mode

    Thank you for your concerned but I tried to change the motherboard but always the same worries. For updated / modified BIOS impossible for the PC that does nothing. I tried resetting the BIOS but still nothing. I just changed my processor because it died and made myself sure that it works by booting the PC and displaying things. Now the worry is that windows has not arrived since then. I did a chkdsk / f on the disc but still worries ...

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    Re: Windows screen frozen, black screen in Safe Mode

    A change of CPU does not require you to reinstall Windows; but a change of motherboard certainly needs that!

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