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Thread: win98 device drivers from xp

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    hy buddies,
    plz tell me how can i install the full device driver as it is preinstalled in the windows xp is there any option to install the xp driver in 98 or else what can i do plz relply me soon.........thanks

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    Re: win98 device drivers from xp

    install the xp driver in 98
    I dont think that is possible, but why dont you use windows xp rather than the so old creepy 98.

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    Re: win98 device drivers from xp

    The reason that Windows XP became popular and widely praised Operating System is because of its feature that most of the basic device drivers are preinstalled, which was not in the previous operating systems. I dont think you can use drivers of Windows XP for Windows 98. But you can get almost all of the device drivers for Windows 98. Search with the keyword 'Windows 98 device drivers' and you will get many free download sites offering various Windows 98 drivers and you can choose one that you require.

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