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Thread: Folder redirection windows 2003 sserver

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    Folder redirection windows 2003 sserver

    Good day all from the high arctic.

    I just installed a server in our school running windows 2003 SP2. I have created user accounts for all the students and set them up with roaming profiles (active directory... I think that is what it is called). The problem is that my students do not like to wait the 5 min to login!! So I started reading about folder redirection.

    Sounds easy...

    1. Open File Server Management create a shared folder called users$
    2. Set the share permissions to full control for Everyone
    3. open Active Directory Users and Computers
    4. Right click the domain and go to properties
    5. click on the Group Policy tab

    this is where I have questions. I have been just editing the Default Domain Policy. #1 is this right?

    6. Edit the Policy, go to -User config -Windows Settings -Folder Redirection
    7. Then I right click My Documents
    8. On the Target tab I select Advance - Specify locations for various user groups
    9. Then Click Add, entered the name of the group test
    I have a user called test_t who is a member of the test group
    10. I selected Create a folder for each user under the root path and for the root path I enter \\servername\users$
    11. then click ok

    So then what? I mean what is supposed to happen? I log into a computer with my test_t account and the roaming profile works fine BUT nothing happens to My Documents!

    Am I missing something, or am I just to simple to figure this out, or is the fact that it is snowing out causing some ID-10T error?

    Help please!!
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    Check this Networking Guide: Networking Guide 9 - Network Troubleshooting

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