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Thread: Blue Screen of Death caused by WUDFRd.sys on Windows Vista 64

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    Blue Screen of Death caused by WUDFRd.sys on Windows Vista 64

    Prior version of 7.6 I was unable to sync my IPhone. I used to get a BSOD with error message: "WUDFRD.sys". When getting this error I was unable to boot to windows... only after doing a restore in safe mode I was able to boot to windows. Apparantely, previous version I believe it was 7.5 did not support VISTA 64BIT.

    I noticed that there was a new version 7.6 and it indicated that it supports VISTA 64BIT. I installed new version and voila... I was able to sync my IPhone with no issues... That's until I restarted my PC.

    When I restarted my PC, I got same BSOD with error message: WUDFRD.sys
    I was not able to boot to windows until I did a manual restore from safemode prior to ITunes 7.6

    Does anyone have this problem or suggestions on resolving this problem ?

    I don't know if this affects anything... but I have Logitech webcam.. I've heard that there may be some driver issues between Logitech & ITunes... but I don't know...

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Did you google WUDFRd.sys and see that you are not alone?

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    Experience the exact same problem.
    After upgrading to the latest version of iTunes 7.6 with 64bit support (from 7.5 32bit) under Vista 64bit, I wasn't able to restart my compter without getting a BSOD.
    This BSOD indicated that the problem was caused by WUDFRD.SYS.

    Going to try going back to a computer state without the iTunes 7.6 version installed. Hope this will work.

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    Restored Vista to a pre iTunes 7.6 state.
    This allowed me to actually start my computer without getting the BSOD.

    The cause of the problem appears to be the iTunes upgrade. A nice job for the Apple people to get this issue solved!

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    Ok I just fixed the damned thing.

    It was not hardware related, it had to do with software.

    Specifically, a driver of an API used by many programs (iTunes) for burning media, called GEAR software.

    I was able, on my third installation of windows, to return to a previous restore point. Vista specifically advised to restore prior to GEAR drivers installation...and it worked!

    So, be aware of this GEAR software, the drivers at least on Vista 64 are unstable (they where the actual 64 bit version).

    Thanks for the help guys!

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