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Thread: Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

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    Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

    I am using Asus P5Q3 motherboard along with Quad Core 6600 CPU and 4GB Corsair RAM. I recently bought Kingston RAM 4GB stick to upgrade my system. After inserting the RAM the computer doesnt seem to boot at all. There are no beep sounds, all I am seeing is a black screen. When I remove the kingston memory then only the pc seems to boot properly with the Corsair RAM. I have checked that this RAM is compatible with the motherboard, so what else could be the problem?

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    Re: Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

    I think that you will have to get into BIOS and increase the voltage of the DRAM to 1.55 and also raise the NB voltage to +0.07 and then check with this settings if the computer boots. If this still doesnt work then you could try to reset the CMOS battery and then try with a single stick of RAM. First disconnect the power cord and then remove the CMOS battery for seconds and reinsert it back and then test with single RAM stick.

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    Re: Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

    To make sure that it is not a defective or damaged RAM, you should try to test it in 2 or more computers to ensure that it is working. If it is not then surely you can make out that it is a RAM problem. Also, you can test the RAM with memtest and see if it is producing any kind of error. You should also try to set the FBS strap to northbridge to 400mhz in bios menu and see if it works for you or not. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

    Can you tell us what is the model number of the Kingston RAM that you have bought? Since the Asus P5Q3 is a P45 chipset board, it seems to be limited to 8GB maximum using DDR3 memory module. You could try to install the latest bios version for your motherboard available on the official website of Asus since it could support the 4GB module RAM after the upgrade. If still it is not working after bios upgrade then most probably the kingston memory might be not compatible.

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