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Thread: Kingston RAM freezing Windows 8

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    Kingston RAM freezing Windows 8

    I am using Asrock H55M-LE that supports DDR3 RAM's. Recently I purchased Kingston 4GB DDR3 RAM and inserted it into the motherboard slot. After that if I am trying to start my computer which is running on Windows 8, then it is getting stuck at loading screen. So, I attempted to format to Windows 7 but it gave me a blue screen. I have already reset the bios to default but it is not working for me. If I put my other memory with this new kingston RAM then the screen will stay on black screen? What should I do to fix this problem? Any ideas

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    Re: Kingston RAM freezing Windows 8

    First of all turn of the computer and disconnect every power cord to the pc. After that try to remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard for 3-4 minutes and then re-insert it back and then turn on the computer. If still this doesnt work then try to remove the Kingston 4GB RAM and go into bios and reset to default settings. After that turn of the pc once again and reinstall the same module RAM and restart your pc.

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    Re: Kingston RAM freezing Windows 8

    If the above method doesnt work for you then it might be possible that your motherboard supports only 2GB RAM modules or not more than that, so that they match your current RAM configurations. There are some mobo's that dont support RAM configurations of 2 different sized modules and also modules that have altogether differnet timings and voltages. Have you also tried testing the new RAMs in another motherboard and checked if it is working fine?

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    Re: Kingston RAM freezing Windows 8

    After checking the Asrock H55M-LE mobo manual it seems that it does support 4GB modules and a maximum of 8GB RAM support overall. So it could be possible that the type of memory module that you purchased is not compatible with your board. Your computer build might be too old for the new DDR3 memory modules and therefore you will have to find some older RAM modules which will be compatible with your motherboard.

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