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Thread: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

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    recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    I have been using the Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive from quite some time and now there is some issue that I am facing. One of my friend removed it unsafely from my pc because he was not able to save some file on it and now if I connect this pen drive to my computer is not able to recognize it and I cannot browse any files. Still the usb drive is assigned a drive letter but it looks that there is no media on it and no partition allocated? There are some important files that I want to recoved from my usb, so can anyone tell me how do I do that? Thanks

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    Re: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    There are many free software to recover files from usb drive, one such is called Recuva program. It is a freeware software to recover your lost files. While many free software performing this task already exist, Recuva is distinguished from the competition by showing more information about the recovered files. For each file, it will in fact indicate the state of the file (Fatal, Very Low, Low, Excellent), which estimates the file recovery capacity in its entirety. Details of clusters rewritten by another file is also shown. Finally, there are the usual information such as the size and path of the file.

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    Re: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    Another tool that you can use is EASEUS Todo Backup Home Edition software. This is a data backup software for Windows and it allows you to create images of your hard drives to always keep a copy of your system and your data. All users are facing the same problem: securing their computer and important data such as photos, financial and personal records and even other applications. With EASEUS Todo Backup Home Edition, you can create an image of all your data and it will be possible to extract or re-clone it on another machine.

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    Re: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    Did you try to save any usb drive data backups? If you have saved any then try to copy all your required files back as many as possible. Incase there is no such drive data backups then you should stop using this drive and download some drive data recovery software online to rescue your pen drive's files back manually. Or else, you can also take your drive to some data recovery companies and check how much money they will charge to recover the date from your usb drive.

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