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Thread: Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

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    Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

    I have just rebuilt my computer with a new processor and motherboard but if I am going to install Windows then my Kingston HyperX SSD is not getting recognized by my computer. When I boot in Windows then it is not recognized and going into BIOS nothing is shown as connected into the Sata port. At the moment I am running Windows from my hard drive which is also connected alongside the unrecognized SSD. I am using Asrock z97 motherboard by the way. If anyone could help me out it would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

    Well, have you tried swapping to another Sata ports? Also you should try to triple check the cables for both the Sata and Power cable. Can you test on another computer to see if the SSD is getting recognized? If it is not getting detecte then it is most likely a bad SSD but if not then most probably there is some issue with the motherboard itself. Also try to go into the BIOS menu and check whether the Sata ports are in RAID or in AHCI mode.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

    I would also suggest you to log into BIOS menu and check if the SSD is set to RAID or AHCI. If you are not running any RAID setup then most probably you will have to set it up for AHCI mode. Incase you are running RAID setup then you may need to enter the RAID BIOS and test whatever needs to be performed to pass the drive through. There are some setings to pass it through and there are others who need to have it setup as a single drive RAID 1.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

    Can you try to perform some power cycles on it by disconnecting and reconnecting the power for 2-3 times on the SSD. Or else you can better try to unplug the SSD for a while, like for a whole day, and then connect it and see if it gets recognized this time. If your Kingston HyperX SSD gets recognized then you should immediately try to update its firmware to the latest version for any further conflict with your new motherboard that you have built recently.

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