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Thread: Kingston HyperX Beast RAM issue on Asus A88xm-A

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    Kingston HyperX Beast RAM issue on Asus A88xm-A

    I am using Asus A88XM-A motherboard for quite some time and had some trouble with RAM sticks installed in it. So, I took out the old RAMs and purchased Kingston HyperX Beast RAM sticks for my motherboard. After installing it, the computer starts to freeze at any time. The keyboard and the whole computer will stop responding. But other times I am able to use the computer without any issues. So, can anyone tell me if this kind of behaviour is normal with my setup? Thanks

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    Re: Kingston HyperX Beast RAM issue on Asus A88xm-A

    Are you facing the freezing issue while you are gaming on your computer or such? If that is the case then it might be an overheating problem. Can you try to check what is the temperature of your CPU or graphics card while you are gaming. You can also check the temp from BIOS/UEFI. If you are at idle then you can expect to have a 40C maximum but while at gaming it should not be more than 70C. If the temperature is above this marks then you seriously have overheating problem.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX Beast RAM issue on Asus A88xm-A

    Can you try to clean out the chassis that you have by blowing out the dust especially from the fans and and CPU heatsinks as well. How much is your power supply wattage? Can you try to give us the Power Supply readings from the BIOS for the 3.3v, 5v and 12v readings. If your Power Supply is having anything below this readings then it means that your PSU is crapping out and it is time for you to purchase a new PSU from well known brands like Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, etc.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX Beast RAM issue on Asus A88xm-A

    Even I think that it might be an overheating issue. So, do you use any CPU cooler in your system? If not then I would suggest you to buy Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler which will keep your CPU cool even under load. You will be able to get atleast 15 degree Celcius decrease in the Idle temp on your CPU and more under full load. The only thing is that you will require a big computer case to fit this cooler along with all the hardwares.

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