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Thread: kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

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    kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

    I have recently purchased a new Kingston MicroSD card of 8GB to add it in my Samsung Tablet. After inserting the microsd card in the tablet and turning it on, I started getting error messages stating that "Unsupported type or empty SD card". After clicking on it, I was getting an option to format the microsd card, so I clicked yes, but nothing happened. I also tried to format it from my computer where it still asked me to format it but doing so it said that Windows cannot format it. So, I again put it in the tablet and now it is not getting detected at all. Now what should I do to fix this problem? Please help

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    Re: kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

    After reading your post, it seems that the Kingston MicroSD card that you have is corrupted. It might be possible that you could have got a defective card in the very first place. And since it is not detecting in the tablet or the computer then there doesnt seem to be any real solution to fix the card. Since you have bought it recently so it will be covered in the warranty period. Try to replace it as soon as possible and you wil get a replacement coming to your way soon.

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    Re: kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

    Even I was getting a similar kind of error message "Blank SD Card or has an unsupported file system" with my microSD card in my Samsung phone. There were some files encrypted in my phone by using the Smart Lock application available on Google Play Store. Now the problem is that it is unable to mount. When I tried connecting in laptop, then it was showing in Device Manager but in Disk Management, it was showing as "No Media" and I cannot format it as well. Is there any way to recover this at all? Thanks.

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    Re: kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

    Can you try to use the SD Formatter that you can easily get by searching on the internet. I was too having this annoying issue with the microSD card not being able to be recognized. After reformatting my SD card with this software the problem got solved for me. If this still doesnt work then probably your card is damaged completely and cannot be recovered at all. The only other option left for you is to ask for a replacement if it is still under warranty.

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