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Thread: Kingston Value RAM will work with HyperX Blu?

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    Kingston Value RAM will work with HyperX Blu?

    I am already using Kingston Value RAM pair on my computer. Now I am looking to upgrade more memory in my computer. I was thinking of buying the Kingston HyperX Blu memory kit. But will the new RAM work with the old RAM? I have checked that they have the same specfications. The HyperX only uses the "faster latency timing and more performance" as per its description. So, will it be ok to pair both the RAMs in my desktop? Thanks for any solutions.

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    Re: Kingston Value RAM will work with HyperX Blu?

    I think that you can use both model of the RAM on the motherboard without any issues. You can try to mix RAM brands, frequencies, CAS timings and also greater size RAM depending upon your motherboard. You just need to ensure that you should match the RAM frequencies or else it will just be a waste of your money. Many times different frequencies will try to automatically run at the slowest frequency, like for example 1333mhz and 800mhz will run at 800 mhz.

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    Re: Kingston Value RAM will work with HyperX Blu?

    Well, I dont agree with the above because mixing RAM is never a recommended solution at all since it will always or most of the time lead to instabilities in your system. What is the make and model of the motherboard you are using? I am asking this because the RAM kit that you are looking to buy is the same as a good 1333mhz RAM kit. You should buy the same RAM models for the long run or else you will have trouble manually setting the exact speed for the same.

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    Re: Kingston Value RAM will work with HyperX Blu?

    Yes, even I totally agree that if you are mixing a DRAM then it will often cause problem and nothing else. There is no guarantees either whether the different RAM modules will work together or not. But still if you want to test then give them a try even if the RAMs are not working straight out. You can always go into the BIOS and make some minor voltage or timing adjustments to get both the RAMs to work together. If you get a problem then you know what you have to do.

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