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Thread: BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

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    BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    I am using an old motherboard along with an old processor. There was some problem with the motherboard so I purchased a new Asus motherboard that was compatible with the Intel i5 core processor that i had. I have a Kingston Technology HyperX Blu 8GB RAM also. When I am trying to install Windows 7 on a clean hard drive then it will crash and give me blue screen error that states "irql_not_less_or_equal or Memory_Management". After searching for some solutions I found that this problem is happening because of the RAM. So, can anyone tell me if I have to set any voltage on this RAM or buy another module? Thanks

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    Re: BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    Can you try to enable the XMP settings in bios and see if that works. To do that reboot your pc and then press DEL or F2 key during startup to get into the BIOS. After that, on your Asus board you will get the setting on the EZ-mode screen and there you will find XMP in the middle, just click on that button and then go to Profile 1. Incase you dont have the EZ mode then you can find another option under the AI Tweaker tab, in the AI Overclock Tuner option. Hope this helps.

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    Re: BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    Well, if the above solution doesnt work for you then try to clear the CMOS from your computer. First of all you will have to shut down your computer completely. After that you need to disconnect the power supply from the motherboard. Now, on the mobo, there is a BIOS battery that you need to remove for more than 20 seconds. After that put it back in and then plug the power supply and turn on the computer. Now try to install the Windows 7 operating system in your computer and see if that works.

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    Re: BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    Have you checked whether the Kingston HyperX Blu RAM is compatible with your motherboard? What is the model number of your board anyways? Can you try to remove one RAM stick from the mobo slot and then try to boot with the other sticks. If this doesnt work then there might be either compatibility problem or bad RAM. Try to test the all the RAM modules with memtest and check if the test are positive or it is giving RAM error. You could also try some other compatible RAM in your mobo to see if it boots though.

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