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Thread: Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

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    Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    I have an old Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive on which I have stored some games. Today when I plugged it in the USB port of my computer then it was not disaplaying any data on it? When I right click on the pen drive and go to its Properties, then it shows that the space is utilized fully but still there is nothing in this pen drive? Does this means that this flash drive is corrupt? How can I get this drive to display all the data back? Please help

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    Re: Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    Well, if your drive is showing empty even though the space is full then can you try to unhide hidden files and folders in your system. I guess that it is an application file stored in the pen drive so it might have got hidden by the Operating System to avoid any deletion. So go to my computer and then go to Tools > Folder Options. Here click on the view tab and then choose the button next to "Show hidden files and folders" and then click apply and ok. Now see if you get back the data on your drive or not.

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    Re: Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    Even after enabling "Show hidden files and folders" you are not able to view the data on your pen drive then it might be possible that the data might have become corrupt. So you will need to retrieve your game files with some data recovery software like Recuva. Once you have retrieved the data then you will need to save it on your other drive in your computer and then try to reformat the pen drive before copying any data back on it.

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    Re: Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    After reading your question, I think that your pen drive might have got infected with some virus. So, you will need to first scan your computer and drive with some antivirus software and then remove any virus if it is detected. Just make sure not to delete the data that you have on your pen drive when you are cleaning the virus. If still this solution doesnt work for you then your pen drive might be problematic and if data recovery software is also not able to retrieve data then you dont have any choice but to format your drive so that you can use the pen drive again.

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