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Thread: retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

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    retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    Last month I have purchased a new Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB solid state drive and have installed Windows 7 on it. This SSD was working fine but yesterday all of a sudden the operating system has started crashing and sometimes the SSD is not getting detected as well on bootup. So, I tried to run HD Tune Pro and got some error that said "attention retired block count 2." Can anyone tell me what is to be done here to solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    Well, since it is a new SSD of Kingston that you have bought, so it will be wise to return it to their company and get yourself either a new SSD or else the refund back into your account because even if you try to solve the problem then you will have similar kind of issues later with this drive. Sometimes people get defective hardware which is produced by the company and nothing can be done to solve the issue on this defective items but to only replace it.

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    Re: retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    I agree to the fact that is written above but still, if you want to, then you can try to reinstall the Operating System on your SSD and see if it works fine. After that test the SSD with different benchmark software but do not try to run the benchmark quite often in a very short period of time because it hampers down the SSD in reading and writing speed if done in excess. Just try and do what I have suggested and if it doesnt work then you are free to replace it anytime you want.

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    Re: retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    I agree that your Kingston 240gb SSD is have problems right out of the box and it will be good if you replace it as soon as possible. The error that you are getting means that some of the NAND chips have some defects. The retired blocks error simply means that the drive has been written Terrabytes of data, which simply means that, there are many write and erase cycles which hampers the running of the drive in the long run.

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